An Ongoing Discussion w/ Ron Bush

Welcome to ‘An ongoing discussion’ with Ron Bush. Folks,  It’s no secret 2020 is the severe cracked feet w/ hammer toes, bunions and corns in open toe shoes of a year. I keep thinking about the great Lloyd Bridges from Airplane The Movie. “Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue” etc.  To all in sobriety we love you! The crazy seems to be picking up as well. Which means the bottom is near. 

Like any great disaster, real and movie, there will be a conclusion and a rebuilding. It was around March that I thought COVID would be the unifying moment that brings all our heroes together to fight for the common enemy Global Warming.  He who shall not be named is of course at the center of every plot twist. That unifying moment hasn’t happened yet, although the electorate feels exhausted of everything this Administrations represents.  But there is a foil. The Joe Pantoliano in The Matrix. That person is about 35% of our electorate. The same 35% that thinks GW Bush did a good job as President.  The Stephen from Django Unchained is the Republican Party. 

We got Global Warming , #BlackLIvesMatter, #MeToo and all things #Equality.  The stakes are incredibly high.  And we’re fighting literal ignorance instead saving our planet and lives. How do we address all this stuff as a society? How do we make a wave in social consciousness to help move us forward? What does that look like? What can we as individuals do daily? How do we restore facts and truth to politics? How do we separate opinion from fact in reporting from all news sources? How do we increase voter turn out in all elections? How do we change our culture to make voting a highly regarded and socially a expected thing to do in all age groups?  How can we make climate change America’s #1 priority? How does a capitalist dominant society incorporate more Socialists’ ideologies? How does our system save our planet? Oh, don’t forget gun laws, criminal justice reform and federal legalizations of weed! 

These are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss here. I could mention how I don’t think David Bowie or Prince got the proper tribute concerts they deserved. And do not think I won’t be deep diving into equality issues as well bitches. But for all this to happen I need to make this a discussion as well. Each week I’ll bring up the topic, please post suggestions and replies. Keep is thoughtful, respectful with a focus on helping We The People to heal and grow from where we are right now.  As always please like and subscribe and follow and come back often.  

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