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Ron Bush

Is a Stand Up comedian, Actor, Director, Writer, Cool ass Black guy, cool ass Gay Guy, Cool Ass Black Gay Guy, Cool Ass Gay Black guy Comedian...that tells jokes.

He's from Philly. He mixes personal stories mixed with social commentary to make a point. Folks in LA have started calling him the "Scariest Gay Man in America" Ron finds that hilarious.

Ron is also the web designer. So he has to talk about himself in third person. It is very weird to him. He does quite enjoy using soaring platitudes to balance the delusions of grandeur.

Ron's Story

He got his start in the Semiconductor industry right out of college. After the dot Bomb in 2000 he started selling Digital Asset Management software to the major studios. He also joined Second City Los Angeles.

Today he's an advanced student with John Coppola of Studio C Artists,  The guy behind Flipped Out Comedy and an intuitive meditation bro-hippie. he also is producing some dope funny ass comedy stuff he'll announce soon.

If you haven't see his stand up you seriously got to check it out. Head over to the video page to see his promo clip here. Subscribe here, and also on his Flipped Out Comedy site here.

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